Healthcare work in a hospital setting is fast paced, involves many people and leaves no room for error. We were approached by leading US medical company Medivators and together with engineering company TPU collaborated in an ambitious effort to develop a breakthrough medical device for endoscope reprocessing. The goal was a device that would match the needs and standards of the talented medical professionals working with endoscopes on a daily basis.

HarritSorensen led a rapid ten month development project spanning Europe and the USA. The result was an innovative product that supports safe and efficient collaborative work and that has been embraced by the industry. By focusing on the end user and the context of work, Medivators has gained a strategically important stronghold in Europe.

”Working with HarritSorensen helped us understand the European perspective and their approach to development lead to fast results while engaging the whole company.”

– Jorgen B. Hansen, President and CEO, Cantel Medical



Working with technology meant for a specialised work setting like a hospital requires a thorough understanding of both users and the context of use. Research of existing solutions took us to hospitals throughout Europe and involved observing and talking to the people involved in the reprocessing of endoscopes.

We gained invaluable insights into the problems and potentials of working with endoscopes and we realised that a solution would have to address complicated issues of contamination and ergonomics as well as support collaboration in the workplace.


Together with Medivators we worked to transform research findings into valuable solutions for the end user. This meant iterating from the rough first drafts to cardboard mockups and towards a working prototype and engaging the very deep expertise and experience of all parts of the company. Rapid prototyping allowed for a fast workflow and helped build consensus around solutions.


Supporting safe and efficient collaboration meant ensuring sterile work areas and an intuitive interaction with the device that left arms free for handling the endoscope equipment. Dividing the work area in two minimizes the risk of contamination, but runs the risk of interrupting the flow of work between the two sides. By making the partition see through and allowing free flowing voice contact, natural human communication behavior is supported and sustained.

 Ensuring sterility is paramount in working with endoscopes and the right industrial design supports the right behavior.

Hands free interaction with the device is often necessary and an integrated footpanel helps keeping the area clean and clutter free.

Handling chemicals can be strenuous and potentially unsafe, but routine maintenance can be supported through ergonomic design.

Working with endoscope reprocessing means working together across the dividing line between prewash and washed equipment. Supporting basic communication behaviour is essential in supporting a natural and effective workflow.

Alongside engineering partner TPU we worked with Medivators to finalize a design that encapsulated solutions to the insights we gained at the research stage, while also making a quality industrial product with respect to manufactoring. Jais Ask Hansen and Niels Hvid from TPU proved excellent collaborators in development and detailing and were essential for ensuring that the device was ready to be presented to the public on schedule. After just ten months of intense development, the endoscope reprocesser was ready for showtime.

”HarritSorensen challenged our way of thinking and their research effort proved very important for building an understanding for the European customer and market in our organization.”

– Jorgen B. Hansen, President and CEO, Cantel Medical

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