Enkl Sound

Enkl Sound Copenhagen is a Danish audio & sound innovation company. Inspired by improving the existing and giving people the ultimate freedom to listen to music anytime, anywhere. Enkl Sound develop their own design and technology in Denmark and ship from  Copenhagen facilities.



Enkl Sound Copenhagen is introducing the first Bluetooth speaker with  multi-user access, phone as microphone, quality audio up to 125 dB, up to 80 hours battery playback time and functional Danish design.

Enkl Sound makes the perfect Bluetooth speaker for an active and social life on the go. Enkl Sound wants to move and inspire people to have a social and an active life with physical and mental well-being.

We are dedicated to timeless, minimalistic and simplistic design that is easy to use and user-friendly.Founded in our Danish and Scandinavian heritage, HarritSørensen has designed a unique form that combines aesthetics and functionality in a new way.

Enkel means simple – because we want to make soundsimple. To keep it simple, we have shortned it to Enkl.

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