Le Klint – BEEHIVE

In 1943, Tage Klint established the first LE KLINT shop in Copenhagen, turning the family handicraft of pleating paper lampshades into a real business. Today, as a modern manufacturing company and one of Denmark’s most recognized brands, LE KLINT continues the tradition of working only with the preeminent Danish designers of the day in the development of their lamps.


BEE HIVE, with its simplicity and refinement, combines Japanese and Danish design tradition in a beautiful and timeless look, which can be used in almost any setting where light plays a central role.

The design is experimenting with LE KLINT’s traditional double cross-pleating, which in this lampshade is placed in a horizontal and zigzag fashion around the minimalist, Ponti inspired wooden frame. A romantic kinship with traditional wooden-clad beehives boxes has given rise to the name: BEE HIVE.



BEE HIVE is available in two sizes

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