Founded in 1937 in Copenhagen, AMBU is a company that specializes in the development and production of products in the fields of anesthesia, emergency care, patient monitoring and diagnosis. With 2,250 employees, AMBU has operations in countries all over the world.


Ambu® Mark IV
As part of AMBU’s continued effort to improve patient care and working conditions for those in the field, HarritSorensen developed a new series of resuscitators intended for manual ventilation of patients of all ages.


Ambu® SPUR® II and Ambu® Mark IV
The Ambu® SPUR® II is the only resuscitator that is made from an environmentally safe SEBS material rather than PVC and therefore fully disposable, eliminating all risk of cross contamination. The SPUR® is small, lightweight and easy to grip and hold. The unique double-wall concept and single-shutter valve system of the Ambu®Mark IV give this reusable resuscitator its famous ‘feel’ and make it easier to manage airflow to the patient. The Ambu®Mark IV comes in two sizes, Adult and Baby, and are 100% latex free. The Ambu series was developed in cooperation with GRAMSTRUP+CO.


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